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Albert Einstone's
AE El Jointito .5g Hybrid The Godfather OG 6pk/3g

A photograph of AE El Jointito .5g Hybrid The Godfather OG 6pk/3g

'El Blunto new hand-finished El Jointito line is the perfect balance of quality and affordability. Each El Jointito contains 6 x 0.5g (3g total) of the finest indoor and mixed light-flower. The flower is broken down by hand and neatly wrapped in clean and even burning organic hemp paper. Packaged in a re-sealable carton. The Godfather is a proprietary and award-winning strain from Albert Einstone's. It is a well-balanced hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing GDP and OG Kush. This California staple is know for it's unique terpene profile that boasts a complex aroma with notes of berry, fuel, skunk, and spice. It's potent effects will impact both your body and mind. It's often enjoyed in the back half of the day to ease stress. Feelings: Euphoric, Hungry, Sleepy Negatives: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes Helps: Stress, Anxiety, Pain Management 6/10 Energizing 7/10 THC'

  • Net contents: 3g
  • Potency: 24.30% THC*
  • Blend: Hybrid
  • Per case: 22