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FloraCal Flower 7g Smalls Hybrid Grape Gasoline

A photograph of FloraCal Flower 7g Smalls Hybrid Grape Gasoline

Ground Control to Major T! This Compound pheno will hit you hard like taking off on a rocket ship. Her gorgeous color will hypnotize you and the aroma will awaken all your senses. This strain is a team favorite and lives up to it's pungent name.

Lineage: Grape Pie x Jet Fuel Gelato

Aroma: Gas fwd, sweet red grapes notes underneath

Taste: Fuel-forward with rich red wine, almost Port-like

Effect: Indica-leaning hybrid

The Floracal brand was established in 2014 by Karen and Drew Duval, a husband and wife team based in Sonoma County. Our small batch, indoor legacy farm employs local growers who are plant-forward and committed to honoring the spirit of the plant. Our team pheno-hunts best in class genetics from world renowned breeders to provide unique terpene flavors that are perfect for any time of the day. Our #1 goal is to create consistent, potent flowers that enhance your everyday life.

  • Net contents: 7g
  • Blend: Hybrid
  • Per case: 32