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Nasha Orange Unpressed 1.2g Mendo Punch

A photograph of Nasha Orange Unpressed 1.2g Mendo Punch

Cultivated by Pacific Roots Farm, a powerful team, located on the Lost Coast in Northern California, with a deep passion for growing organic cannabis—clones, teens, and flower— with a low impact on the planet, having a solar grid, planting directly in native soil, and practicing sustainable water use through rainwater catchment and water conservation. Mendo Punch is a sweet and earthy indica-leaning hybrid made by crossing Mendo Breath x Purple Punch F2. It has a briny, mixed with funky vanilla and caramel tones aroma, and a potent body high. Nasha's Orange Label Hash is 1.2g of our highest grade of unpressed hash, packaged in a loose, granular resin with a sand-like consistency. When exposed to heat it tends to 'grease out' over time, and should be stored below 38 degrees. Its higher ratio of oil to plant material yields a smooth, full-bodied smoke. Commonly used to top bowls or added to joints for an added kick to your regular routine.

Ingredients: hash

  • Net contents: 1.2g
  • Blend: Hybrid
  • Per case: 15