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Autumn Brands
Autumn Brands 7g Pouch Sativa Mango Haze

A photograph of Autumn Brands 7g Pouch Sativa Mango Haze

Introducing our latest product release from Autumn Brands: the 7g Pouch (1/4oz), now available for all cannabis enthusiasts! These meticulously crafted pouches are brimming with premium medium-sized buds, offering you the perfect blend of value and quality. These pouches are proudly made in the USA and come complete with a boost pack, ensuring your flower stays impeccably cured. Elevate your autumn with Autumn Brands' new 7g Pouches, where quality and convenience meet in perfect harmony. Mango Haze is a new age sativa. This cross of Mango Haze x Gush Mints has large and chunky buds that are covered in trichomes, this strain is sure to elevate your mood and mindset. The flower reeks of frankincense and over ripe mangos. The smoke is very similar, with a very fruity forefront, and hints of mint and umami on the backend. Mango Haze is great for day smoking when you are trying to go on adventure or get stuff done. Top three effects: Elevated, Adventurous, Happy

  • Net contents: 7g
  • Potency: 33.32% THC*
  • Blend: Sativa
  • Per case: 24