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Time Machine
Time Machine Infused Preroll 5pk Orange Creamsicle

A photograph of Time Machine Infused Preroll 5pk Orange Creamsicle

Blast off on a galactic flavor adventure with Orange Creamsicle, a strain like a time machine to your favorite childhood summers! Imagine a loud citrus symphony tickling your taste buds and zapping you into a cosmogonic paradigm of pure joy. It's like futuristic innovations of flavor meeting the joys of yesteryear's ice cream truck. This strain will have you floating in the stratosphere, your mind clear and bright, riding the waves of happiness and upliftment like a true interstellar explorer! Blast off into the stratosphere of cannabis bliss with our mind-blowing 2.5-gram pre-rolls! Imagine a galactic concoction of premium greenhouse flower infused with the pure essence of cannabis?the almighty distillate?and coated in a glittering kief embrace. This isn't just a smoke?it's a voyage through the eras of sensation! A fusion of premium flower and high-purity distillate, each hit is a wormhole to a new kaleidoscope of flavors and effects that'll have you floating in a universe of pure cannabis rapture?this is no ordinary pre-roll; it's a ticket to a multi-dimensional adventure!

  • Net contents: 2.5g
  • Potency: 37.32% THC*
  • Blend: Hybrid
  • Per case: 16