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CLSICS Rosin Preroll 14pk Sativa Blue Crack

A photograph of CLSICS Rosin Preroll 14pk Sativa Blue Crack

CLSICS presents the ultimate party essential with their 14-pack Live Rosin Infused Preroll Party Pack, a jar bursting with high-quality joints that ensures your celebration is packed with premium cannabis enjoyment. Get ready to experience the sky-high magic of Blue Crack, a sativa sensation that will deliver a crisp, invigorating high. This electrifying strain takes after its iconic parents, Blue Dream and Green Crack, dialing up the good vibes to a euphoric wonderland where everything's groovy and the possibilities are endless.

  • Net contents: 7g
  • Potency: 35.74% THC*
  • Blend: Sativa
  • Per case: 6