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Autumn Brands
Autumn Brands 7g Pouch Hybrid Cap Junky

A photograph of Autumn Brands 7g Pouch Hybrid Cap Junky

Cap Junky was bred in collaboration between two of the most famous breeders: JBeezy from Seedjunky genetics and Capulator. This strain has a very candy and sweet nose. When smoking, the candy is defintley at the forefront of the taste, but there is also an umami effect that provides a delicious savoriness. The buds are beautiful and dense, sure to please even the most fastidious of canna-ssuers. Cap Junky leaves users feeling cheerful and will help relieve you of any stress or hardships you may be encountering.

  • Net contents: 7g
  • Potency: 23.60% THC*
  • Blend: Hybrid
  • Per case: 24