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High Supply
High Supply Flower 14g Indica Government Oasis

A photograph of High Supply Flower 14g Indica Government Oasis

GovernMint Oasis is a hybrid cross between GMO and Gush Mints. This potent beauty wraps it's arms around you and will gently rock you to sleep, leaving you feeling tingly and relaxed. The limonene herbal diesel taste is pure nostalgia and the perfect way to end the day. High Supply is the Best Bud for Your Buck. Our flower is for weed lovers who want great weed at a great value. High Supply's Indica category is a curated mix of potent indica's that are sure to give you the rest you deserve. Pick up any of these strain specific offerings for a relaxing after work sesh. You earned it.

  • Net contents: 14g
  • Potency: 29.07% THC*
  • Blend: Indica
  • Per case: 12